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Custom Mortgage Calculator Wheels

Nautical Slide Rule Calculator

Nautical Slide Rule Calculator

Nautical Slide Rule Calculator

Nautical Slide Rule Calculator

Nautical Slide Rule Calculator

Nautical Slide Rule Calculator

Minimum Quantity: 250

Derive an immediate solution to all speed-distance-time problems for answers in nautical or statue miles.  Calculate speed in knots or miles-per-hour; time in hours, minutes or seconds; and distance in nautical or statute miles (or yards if desired).  It's a norm for the U. S. Navy.

Circular slide rules eliminate "off-scale" calculations, because the scales were designed to "wrap around"; they never have to be re-oriented when results are near 1.0—the rule is always on scale.The basic advantage of a circular slide rule is that the longest dimension was reduced by a factor of about 3.

A customized nautical slide rule so easy you'll never get perplexed. We offer a foolproof immediate solution to all common speed/time/distance problems, convertible to statute or nautical miles. This slide rule even allows you to compute distance in yards if the speed is factored in knots. Need a different item? See our Catalog for what we have.

Have questions about our custom printed Nautical Slide Rule Calculator? Maybe you don't see what you like, we have much more to offer. Give one of our friendly customer representatives a call at 800 915 3535. You can give us an email too. You could also get one of our catalogs to see the various items we offer, fill out the short form below.

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