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Date Wheel Finders

Customized Stock mortgage calculator guide wheel calculates monthly loan payments easily. Customize it with color and YOUR logo and advertise your company easily.

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Pregnancy Wheels

They are great for: Fertility Clinics, Pregnancy Clinics, Doctors and Nurses. Both functional and promotional. Calculate length of pregnancy and due dates with these custom pregnancy wheels.

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Due Date Finder

A larger version of our popular customized Birth Date Calculator, this tool allows a doctor to determine the approximate date for a baby's birth. Shows 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester periods.

Custom Wheel Calculators, Date Finder Wheels and Pregnancy Wheels.

Minimum Quantity: 250

Great For:

Banks, Retail, Realty, Manufacturing, Graphics supply, Doctors and Nurses.


Function and Promotion

Both functional and promotional. Calculate prices, sizes and product selection with ease. Not sure exactly what you want, well our Catalog has everything, check it out!

Ideal For:

Builders, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Machine Tool Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers. Get a FREE custom printed wheel calculator catalog!

Possible Usages:

Concrete volume, concrete block, bituminous concrete, cost per drink, steel bar and weight finder, lumber board feet, time zone conversion, blacktop conversion.

Date Wheels
Have questions about our custom printed wheel calculators? Maybe you don't see what you like, we have much more to offer. Give one of our friendly customer representatives a call at 800 915 3535. You could also get one of our catalogs to see the various items we offer, fill out the short form below. Send us an email for anything.

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Our Wheel and Date Calculators can also be used for:

Our custom products offer custom fabrication to meet the most demanding specifications. We also can duplicate existing products or a new design. We have a wide range of product capabilities including custom slide rules, wheel calculators, die cut templates, specialty instrumentation, navigational aides and measuring devices.

Our Wheel and Date Calculators can also be used for:

  • Log Diameter/board feet. • Humidity - Dry Bulb/Wet Bulb • Metric/English
  • Miles/Hour Time/Distance • Perpetual Date Calendar • Hydraulic • Flow/Diameter
  • Mortgage • Miles/Gallon • Pump Speed • Sports Schedule • Yarn Conversion • Profit
  • Mark-up • Gravity • Electricity Cost • Flow Calculations • Stock Yield

Wheel Calculators

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Profit Wheel

Great for: Banks, Retail, Realty, Manufacturing, Graphics supply, Doctors and Nurses. Both functional and promotional, calculate prices and profits with ease.

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Dual Sided Breast Exam Chart

This custom printed Women's health breast self examination shower hanger makes a great promotional item in any doctors office. 4" x 9" x .015".

Exactly what we needed!...

"Our company is very pleased with the Date Wheels we ordered from Cole Industiries. They were exactly what we needed for our event. Thank you for the fast turn-around time as well."

Sarah Lowski: